Born and raised in the arrogant France, he graduated in 2003 from the International Institute of Multimedia where he studied Project management and Marketing. After a lengthy love affair with Nintendo France, being busy with the launch of the GameCube, he joined Ubisoft as a Junior Product manager. There he supported the launch of some of their AAA before migrating to their production team in Paris and Shanghai as a Marketing Coordinator. 2 years later and a couple of projects later, he took the opportunity to go and explore the big wild world, and ended up living in New Zealand.
After a while, he missed the excitement of the video games making and decided to join on of the most successful studio: The Creative Assembly. and after helping them shipping their 360 game, and the last generation of Total War game (Empire, Napoleon and Shogun 2). after few years, leaving the different english food culture, he crossed the channel again to go back to Paris and Ubisoft on GRFS, where he managed the offshored team in Romania and China, mixing what he does best: producing game and blending in foreign culture.

His current role as Junior Producer brought him to Ivory Tower. He is focused on providing support and leadership to their amazing team in order to deliver the best of what Next Gen console (PS4 and Xboxone) can offer to redefine the standard of driving game with the game: The Crew.

There are two things for him that separate the video games industry from other business. Firstly the people. The majority of people in this industry are creative, energetic, intelligent and friendly – and they love what they do. This leads to his second point, which is that he cannot think of another industry in the world that has such an exciting portfolio of IP and technology businesses at the forefront of some really exciting changes in our industry.
There is so much opportunity and diversity here – it’s a business you can feel really proud of and excited to work in. When your job is part of working on new title, supporting the latest AAA development, running a production team or determining the future of gaming, why would you not be passionate?