After 3 intense years to deliver my last game, The Crew, I decided to take a good break. And what could have been better than a roadtrip after working on a driving game? There was also a new challenge: After spending years traveling on my own, this was the first time I would travel with  my dog, a 52 kilos Malamute. So after sorting out all the technical details, I picked up Norway.

Explored land in Norway

Explored land in Norway

I prepared this trip by reading a lot of what people shared on traveling forums. Because, if there is one country I never heard much about in the traveling community, It was Norway. I knew only 3 things prior to my research: If one travel to Norway, he has to see the Fjords, the Lofoten Islands and the life in Norway is really expensive. Besides that… I had no idea on what to expect.
With that in mind, I have to work on the “expensive” factor. From all my previous trip, the main area of my traveling budget was accommodation. In order shrink it as much as I could I decided to equip my car.  After removing the back seats, I realized that i just had the length for a proper mattress (2m long). I went to a carpenter, and show him what I had in mind. He built the perfect solution for a trip like this. A bed for me, an area for the dog, and lot s of storage room. The cost of it was around 300 euros. Knowing that the only night in a hotel that accepted dogs  was130 euros, I was back on my money in two nights.

Going there with my car meant crossing europe driving. Leaving from the alps, I took the most direct road. Through Swiss untill the German border and straight North to Norway (through Danemark). Note that on way my in, I decided not to take any ferries to see more of the countries. I drove through the different bridge in between Denmark and Sweden.

From there, I decided to navigate the country based on the weather forcast. This was only possible because I was traveling with my own car. Norway being a bit rainy at this time of the year, this really helped me a lot.  I started by the west going up Inland, and ended up spending a good 10 days in the moutains. Moved back to the west coast and north all the way to the Lofoten. And from there, I turned back south and went back home. I wanted to check up north, but my return was triggered by a bad storm and its 10 days of pooring rain.

From all the places I checked out while I was there, I have to say that the Fjords were the most boring one. When you saw one, you kind of saw them all… No the nicest parts were really where the moutains were. The places I would highly recommand would be : Bodo and its area followed by Otta and its area (including the national park East of it, the Lofoten and Trondheim and its area.