This is a quick overview of the first big journey:reaching Hong-Kong, leaving from Paris.

First things first,let me be clarify one thing: even tho I called it Paris to Hong-kong by train, I did flew from Paris to Stockholm and took a ferry during almost 12h in between Stockholm and Helsinki.
I took almost 3 month to reach Hong Kong, with many stops on the way. I left Paris in late October and arrive in Hong-Kong just in time to celebrate the New Eve. One of my goal was to see and experience Siberia during the winter which was definitely achieved.The downside of this timing: During the winter days are short. for example, in between Moscow and Oulan-Bator daylight will only occur in between 9.30 am and 4.30pm. Which means that the night will last 17 hours. 17 hours during which there will be no opportunity for me to watch the landscape through the window.

In the Transiberian, the train runs at an average speed of 90km/h (+-45 miles per hour). This might sound not very fast, but keep in mind that the train will only stop 3 times a day during 20 minutes… no more, whatever happens to its passenger. This gave birth to some really funny situations with passenger running on the platform, coming back from buying some food to their cabin in the last second before the departure.
One last thing: if you were to take the transiberian and stop like I did in Oulan-Bator, there is one thing that you should know : Book way in advance your ticket from Oulan-Bator to Beijing. Most of the train seats are booked  in advance by travel agencies for the trip Moscow Beijing… leaving only 15 to 20 seats per train available for the section Ulan Bator-Hong Kong. with an average of 50 to 75 people in Mongolia tryign to take the train to Beijing, I let to your imagination the queue and at the only open counter selling train ticket in Oulan-Battor. All I can say is that I was glad corruption was publicly accepted in Oulan-Battor allowing me to get a train ticket from the seller.

It took me 16 days of travel from Paris to Hong-kong and cost me around 657 euros (25 euros with Ryanair from Paris to Stockholm; 100 Euros from Stockholm to Helsinki, 86 euros from Heslinki to Moscow, 256 euros from Moscow to Oulan Bator; 100€ (including corruption fees) from Oulan Bator to beijing; 40 euros from Beijing to Shanghai, 50 euros from Shanghai to Hong Kong). If you optimized your transportation you could get it down to 11 days!

Paris - Hong kong


1st Day: Paris => Stockholm

(2 days stop)

2nd Day & 3rd day: Stockholm => Helsinki
(Night in the ferry / 2 days stop)

4th Day & 5th: Helsinki => Moscow
(Night in the train / 2.5 weeks stop)

6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th day: Moscow => Oulan Bator
(Nights in the train / 2 weeks stop)

11th & 12th day: Oulan Bator => Beijing
(night in the train / 2 weeks stop)

13th & 14th day day: Beijing => Shanghai
(night in the train / 2 weeks stop)

15th & 16th day: Shanghai => Shengzen => Hong Kong
(night in the train / 5 days stop)